Universeal Grout Rescue Colour & Seal

10 stylish grout colouring options

Grout Rescue grout colour sealer is a great way to restore and renew your wall and floor grout to a better than new condition

Universeal Grout Rescue Grout Colour Sealer is a powerful colour sealer that penetrates deep into grout to add a fresh, new appearance that will renew the look of any tile installation. Universeal Grout Rescue Grout Colour Sealer is available in 10 stylish colours, when fully cured, permanently seals the grout to help protect against mould, mildew and staining.

In many instances when the grout has become permanently stained and no amount of cleaning can bring back the original uniform clean look of the grout. In these cases it is best to apply Universeal Grout Rescue Grout Colour Sealer to restore the grout to a permanently sealed even coloured finish.

Grout Rescue Special Features

  • Colours and Seals Grout in one application
  • Restore even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish
  • 10 harmonious colours from light to dark
  • Suitable for internal & external use

Universeal Grout Rescue Grout Colour Sealer is safe and simple to use, this unique formula allows for easy application by the professional tradesman and DIY homeowner [Product Guide]


A wide range of colour choices

Now, you can colour your grout work with our range of stylish colours, as shown in our swatch set. We’ve pre-selected a good range of 10 colours, but depending on your requirements, we can provide further colours if you need a particular colour/tint.

graphic: colour swatches of the grout rescue range

Universeal Grout Rescue Grout Colour Sealer can restore even the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish. This process will permanently colour and seal the grout to make the grout look even better than the day it was installed.

watch it in action: HD Video Guide

Directions for use:

1. Make sure the grout joint is clean and thoroughly dry before applying Universeal Grout Rescue colour sealer, where necessary use the Grout Rescue Pre-Treat Cleaner before application.
2. Shake bottle & mix well before use. Apply product thinly onto the grout joint using a brush or sponge working it evenly onto the surface. Wipe away any sealer from the tile surface instantly or within 60 minutes of application. For best results apply two coats allowing 1-2 hours drying time between applications. Allow a further 48 hours drying time before wetting (using shower room) or cleaning the treated floor area. If using more than 1 bottle of a single colour for an application, mix all material together to ensure colour match and consistency.

This product is not recommended for use around porous surfaces i.e. unglazed tiles and natural stone surfaces as it could permanently stain.

Please note:

Poor application, applying the product to heavy or thickly onto the grout joint can result in blistering, cracking and de-bonding of the colour sealer.


Approximate coverage 3-15m2 per 237ml bottle. Product coverage will vary due to the grout width, density, texture and the surface absorbency.

Technical Application Guide

Download (PDF, 397kb)

graphic: thumbnail of tech spec PDF doc

Packaging Options:

8 fl. oz. (237 ml) bottle (6 per carton)

Usage Guidelines

Typical Applications Criteria

Drying Time
1-2 hours
1-3 coats
Application Method